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What I Learned From The Best Trader at Citibank - SMB Capital. Competencies• Ability to plan and manage major projects from requirement gathering through to timely final delivery, whether working independently or as part of a team.• Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, with an appropriate level of detail, with colleagues, traders, IT, control functions, etc.. Nov 25, 2012. What I Learned From The Best Trader at Citibank. I learned the names and biographies of everyone I could find from Citibank's FX desk. I traded. However, the best way to maximize the value of that option is by trying to be.

Citi S&T -- Strongest Desks Wall Street Oasis. The depth and diversity of this market can offer many potential opportunities for seeking returns and managing risks. I would appreciate any information regarding what products Citi is well known for. FX and rates in general focusing on FX options and STIRT.

CitiFX Pulse So it's no surprise that Citi FX has the broadest range of clients out of all the major FX banks. Citi FX is possibly the best known name in the FX market around the world. CitiFX Pulse provides unparalleled real-time market access to FX spot, forward, NDF and swap pricing in over 400 currency pairs, 24 hours a day.

FX Options/Derivatives Quant Developer - Citi job vacancy, London With FX Forward, you can turn your challenges into profitable opportunities. FX Options/Derivatives Quant Developer This specialist role is to run FX Derivatives eTrading Technology applications and the associated London based team.


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